Clinical opportunities with dynamic Healthcare Organizations

Competitive Pay

Make more money working less. Our Telehealth and contract jobs pay up to 2x more than traditional positions.


100% digital. Say goodbye to time sheets and paper checks.

Leading Organizations

We connect you directly to hiring managers at leading healthcare organizations.


Whether you are looking for a moonlighting job or a full-time position, we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why contract work?

Physicians take contract clinical work for a variety of reasons:

  • Extra Income earn extra income on the side
  • Flexibility Work whenever and wherever you want
  • Travel Practice and experience different parts of the US
  • Serve Practice in areas of need

What is contract clinical work?

Contract clinical work also known as locum tenensare short-term clinical assignments usually on-site at hospitals or clinics. Vivo offers contract clinical work in addition to permanent opportunities.

Do I need my own malpractice policy?

Vivo HealthStaff provides all locum tenens clinicians with claims-based medical malpractice insurance from the folks over at MedChoice Risk Retention Group.

How do I get paid?

We are completely paperless and all payments are deposited electronically into your bank account. No more paper checks.